CTE Evaluability Study Nomination Form

As part of our mission to expand the evidence base on the impact of career and technical education on student outcomes, the CTE Research Network is gathering information on CTE programs and models for an evaluability study (also known as a feasibility study). The study will identify and recommend a number of established CTE programs for future research, taking into consideration certain program features to determine whether enough students are served in the right context for rigorous research to be possible.

In the brief nomination form, we ask you to tell us what your program entails for students and about how many have participated recently. We also ask about student eligibility requirements, how you know there is program demand, and what kind of outcomes you track to monitor student and program success. Even if you are not currently tracking outcome data for your program, but you believe it to be promising, we welcome your submission.

If you are not the overall administrator of your nominated program, we provide space in the form for you to enter program representatives’ contact information so that we can follow up to obtain more details. The nomination process will be open through late spring 2019.

If you experience technical difficulties or have questions when completing the form, please contact the CTE research network team at CTEResearchNetwork@air.org.